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Here is the steps as good as i can in English

Soil: this soil have no added ferelizer, somewhat black in color, not brown.
I took the soil directly from the bag, just taking out the chunks and Wood bits that i could find. I put 1 inch of soil in the tank and soaked it in water. Then i planted the big rooted plants (svords) directly in the soil. Then i cap the soil with 1 inch of 2-4mm gravel and planted the rest of the plants. Filled the tank up and did a couple of water changes to get rid of the black water. After that i have done two waterchanges every week for two weeks. The water Get a small brown look after about 4-5 days.

The filter is a Aquael sponge filter, i have now stopped the filter and done a waterchange. The water is now clear and i wil try to let the tank stand for some days with no filter and no circulation.

I did find some traces of soil on the leaves on the sword plants, could it be air or gasses from the soil that explode into the water column bringing soil particels into the water?

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