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Khodii. aka Doodle; The Poodle - My Forever Puppy

Figure its time you meet my very special pup, Khodii.
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Hes a dachshund-poodle, which i found out was known as a Doxie-Poo, at my veterinarians office, reading a book on designer breeds. Silliest sounding breed if i ever heard one.
Either way, Khodii has a very unique personality, and a history to match.
About Two years ago i moved to maine, and while i was there, i was at a friends house, and a 'family friend' drove up with this puppy, and asked if anyone wanted it.
The puppy was a white poodle-thing, but was so dirty it was brown. Its fur was obviously matted all over, and his hopeful eyes looked at us, and it was wiggling on the grass, just so damned happy to be meeting new people.
I asked them why they were getting rid of the puppy, and The little kid said something along the lines of how he put a bowl of food and water in the closet and he kept pooping on the floor and barking all the time. : :
The only thing i could think was to get this poor thing away from these people, who let there child keep a 7 month old puppy in their closet for TWO WEEKS.
I told them i would take him, and waited for them to leave. Then i sat on the grass, and got kisses from the dog who would be my constant companion, whether i liked it or not, forever more. Or until Khodii finially has an anxiety attack that kills him.

[Sometimes, we shave Doodle..Thats when you can see his dachshund-ness. With fur, he looks just like a poodle, just longer. Like an extra half a poodle. Its alot of silly. Lol.]
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Cause, those a$%&*les damages this poor puppy so badly he cried almost continuously after they left. I had gotten myself into a whole heap of trouble with this one. Khodii had severe, severe, seperation anxiety. You needed to be holding him, but that wasnt enough, he still cried. When he was on the ground he was under your feet constantly, you were stepping on him, he was jumping on you, craving attention 24/7 every minute...He was a handful. The shrieks outside the bathroom door were the worst, which lead to him being in the bathroom with you. Which was a bad habit to break. Especially since when Khodii landed in my lap, he came fully equipped with ten thousand fleas. Enough that so when he was wet, they covered his entire face. It was a horrily gross amount, and we eventually destroyed those nasties, but by that time, already emotionally distraught puppy is now traumatized and terrified of the bathroom.

Khodii was a bag full of tricks, but as i cut off his matts, and found his cute little face, and his wierd long skinny tail, I fell in love with him. He became my mission, and at that time, i needed him, But definitely not as obsessivly as he needed me. Lol.

[Khodii does have an abnormally long tail, and its really skinny. It looks really wierd on him. Thankfully, his tail fur grows long. And it looks like this...=] ]
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I ended up moving back home to Rhode Island, and i took Khodii with me. Its been two years now, and he is much better, after our stern and very repetitive talk on boundaries, and no longer is a handful, though you can bet a dollar, or a hundred, that as i write whatever i write on this forum, he is overly close, almost on top of me, and trying to get me to pet him, even in his sleep.
Hes definitely still a wierd dog, but I love him, and were both lucky he was dropped into my life.
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[The other puppy is a new-ish addition to our family..youll meet her later! But yeah, shes trippin on her!]

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This is about the poiint when wee clip him down..and always, hes cold after, so we give the Doodle a blanket..=]
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50g, 45g, 15g, 10g, 2x2.5g, 2g bowl

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