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So, here are some close ups of the fifty gallon. =] Sorry for the quality, im using a loswer quality camera! Sorry!
Also, the cup on the front glass, thats for water changes. I use milk jugs, and it helps to not batter the plants around if i have a cup to pour in! The fish have actually grown accustomed to it, and play in it, sleep in it and occasionally, get stuck in it for the hundreth time. [Their not really stuck, they just think they are![

Click image for larger version

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I plan on doing some shifting of the plants in this area, suggestions are welcome!

Click image for larger version

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Lookit that Ulvaceus! Isnt she perrty? =]

Click image for larger version

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I want more caboma...I want a FOREST of caboma...

And heres a shot, with the flash, cause i think it looks cool..
Click image for larger version

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And some shots of the fishums in the tank..First, Tyrion, who has decreed there shall be no other blue in the tank except for him. Really. Any fish is cool, but any blue fish i put in the tank, never survives. So, he wins. He gets to be King. lol
Click image for larger version

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Hes really very docile, and just slowly glides around, surveying his subjects, and taking leisurely naps on whatever plans look inviting. Really..Hes a napper. I have broad leaf watersprite, and i kind of hate it, since if left alone culd cause mass of plantsthat lead to ammonia spikes! I let it grow in my fry tank, cause they love it, but so does Tyrion. He was so sad when i took it all out and replaced it. So I used another of the cups with suction cups, i think thier for bathrooms, bought em at the dollar store, and wound the roots of a largish watersprite around the suction cups, and made and 'under the water' couch for him...And he loves it!
Click image for larger version

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There are cories as well, six of em. I originally started with 11, but have lost a few along the way, learning. Theres three of green and albino, and one spotted. Im thinking i might get more, but im not sure. If i did id like a different kind of cory, but a hardy one..
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In that pictureyou can see my newest addition. Loop-dee-crypt! I have no idea what happened in shipping, but these crypts leaves are twisted around so much, it was hard to even plant them without breaking a leaf! It looks like a joungle gym! Are they supposed to look like that? Will they straighten, or whatever? Ive never had crypts before, so this is my first experience. Ive heard of crypt melt, should i just clip the leaves and wait for new leaves?
Click image for larger version

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if you need better pictures, i have them.

Taking pictures of my guppies is difficult, so ill have to get to that photo shoot another time...
And with those will be my Otos, which i have a habit of calling, 'Otto Delanys' [those of you who are fans of Sons Of Anarchy ] oh well, i doubt they mind. or the fact that i belly tickle them when they hang on the glass. LOL.

Id also like to introduce my goldfish tank.
Now, she isnt pretty. But shes healthy. May not be quite big enough, but its a winter thing, and due to financial reasons, we cant afford to upgrade this tank. They do live out the spring, summer and fall in a 100 gallon pond in my backyard.
Its due for its front glass being scraped, but the back of the tank is a mirror, and i hate it. So, ive let algae cover it, andit would be completely covered, if it werent for a certain giant pond snail, who only likes the cold temps of this tank, eating whirls and spirals all over the place. I like the patterns, ill have to take a picture of them! And him..
Anyways, here it is:

Click image for larger version

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45 gallons
bare bottom, plastic plants, on grids, for easy cleaning, and a few old heavy fake decorations to weigh them down.
This tank also has a cup, for water changes, only its almost completely covered in fuzzy algea. The longfin goldie loves to nap in the cup..I wouldn't mind either, it ooks comfy!
There are two 'normal' goldfish, one with a white patch on his face, and hes lighter than the other, about three and a half years old, and a koi about a year older. She [ik think of her as a she] is the survivor of a trio bought by my mother, along with the goldfish, and were grossly mistreated before i was allowed to take care of them. [She doesnt believe in water changes..for goldfish! : ]
Theres also a longfin goldfish that was bought at about threen inches last fall, to replace her losing the largest of the koi. He jumped out of the pond. At first the others and him didnt mix, didnt swim together, always the three of them on one side and him on the other. But theyve gotten used to each other, and longfin has grown, so they dont seem to separate as much anymore.
As for their pond, its just a plastic molding, half dug in the ground, and rocks built up around it and mom is a great gardener, has the 'land' green thumb.
And since i have a too curious dog, the pond also has a green wire fence around it, and long bamboo sticks, which proved neccesary because said too curious dog jumped over the fence to look at the fishies, and fell in.
Ill see if i have any pictures of the pond..right now its all dead and covered insnow. Not a pretty sight!
Oh, but heres a semi close up of the goldies all together. Its near impossible to get a good picture of all of them!
Click image for larger version

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Originally, i thought i could use the sirface of this tank to store floating plants, but when the first water sprites were devoured, it became a dumping ground for all my extra floaters! they eat em all! Except for water lettuce leaves..the roots, though, are fair game. I feed them New Life Spectrum Goldfish formula, and zucchini.

50g, 45g, 15g, 10g, 2x2.5g, 2g bowl

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