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Fluval Chi 5g (modified) Planted

I decided to contribute my first meaningful thread with a log of my new Fluval Chi 5g that I picked up for cheap.

Tank: Fluval Chi 5g (10x10x12h)
Filter: Removed the filter/light that came with the kit, and decided to use a Hagen Elite Mini underwater filter at its lowest flow setting.
Lighting:: BeamWorks 11" LED Clip-on (9x1W LED's) 6500K from that auction site. You have to saw off 1" of the "rails" of the epoxied plastic part stuck to the back of the tank where the original filter/light used to attach. On for 10hrs/day.
Substrate: CaribSea Floramax (midnight/black), about half the bag (6lbs). I know I went cheap ($7!). I guess we'll find out if it works. 1.5" front, sloped to 3" in back-right corner.
Conditions: No heater, 68-70F, Tap water with conditioner. (haven't tested the water yet.) Has been cycled with guppy (removed) and driftwood/plants from established tank.
Fertilization: None yet. I'll need help for this, please!!
CO2: Flourish Excel as per recommended dosage so far. If I do venture into CO2, I hope to get that "best" Electronic regulator from that other site, and maybe just feed the gas into the Hagen Elite Mini to diffuse. It can do as low as 1 bubble every 10sec and no dumping, no solenoid needed, etc. It seems great! (but expensive)
Flora: Microswords, Crypt Parva, Java moss, 1xMalaysian Driftwood
Temporary - Crypt (larger, don't know species, but grows well in ambient light in my other tank)
To get - Dwarf Hairgrass, Dwarf Sag, different moss?
Fauna: 1 Guppy Fry

Plans: Scape - Will remove most of the microswords in the front and just leave small patches on both sides of the driftwood. Put dwarf hairgrass in entire front, narrowing in width as you move toward the back, into a path that leads to little tunnel (made by driftwood). May line/define the path by using regular hairgrass or maybe the crypt parva? Dwarf sag in rear, maybe some stem plants. Suggestions welcome!
Fauna - Pygmy/sparkling gourami, pygmy cories, an otto, shrimp. Suggestions please, especially on shrimp.

Pictures: 1. Setting up (substrate not sloped yet) 2. Setting up zoomed out 3. Morning after sloping and some planting (light off) I'll try to take better ones with my dslr soon.
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