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RANT; stinkin' Blue Tetras - I HATE them! They harass everything in the tank, even fish 3" long. They dash across a 6' tank just to nip at someone, and they never let up. I only have two left, a male (the most aggressive) and a female. I did have three, but I managed to catch one last week. I started with twelve but they killed each other off. Now that there are only a few, everyone is fair game. I knew the warnings and I did not heed. Stupid me!

DOUBLE RANT; my stupid nets. Why are nets so visible (mine are bright blue), and why are they always so fine a mesh? If my nets had a more open weave I could have caught both those fish tonight - but they are so finely knit that they drag in the water - water doesn't pass through them. So because I couldn't get that last second "swoop" the fish got away. Over & over. I don't want to stress my other fish so I quit. I'm going to make my own net out of black fishnet stockings and catch those suckers next week. And yes, I've tried catching them as soon as the lights come on, when the lights are off, at feeding time, by putting up barriers...blah, blah, blah.

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