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Will have to give Poly-Filters a try.

Received my replacement Purigen in the mail today. I guess Seachem has new packaging as the replacement is now in a colorful plastic bag. No box. Tear open the packaging bag and the Purigen is sitting inside ( no more clear, sealed inner bag). Along side the Purigen in its mesh bag is a sealed bag containing the instructions. I smelled the Purigen, and I did notice a chemical smell. It reminded me of a solvent-type of aroma, somewhat familiar, but couldn't quite place it.

Popped it into the filter, and in a few minutes all the adult fish were at the top of the tank mostly motionless, once again. So, I guess it has something to do with my water, and not counterfeit/old/bogus/contaminated Purigen. I'm going to leave it in a bit to see what happens to my elderly fish. I figure if there is some sort of toxicity going on, they'll be the first to go. The juveniles and new borns seem to be taking it in stride. They now have the run of the tank as all of the adults are huddled in masses at the top.

I noticed that the Trumpet snails were more active after the Purigen was placed into the filter. Some of the 1/10" long ones were headed up the sides of the tank, while a good many adults (3/4") who had been nose down in the gravel, came to the surface and were
moving around quite rapidly totally on top of the gravel.

I checked PH both before and after adding the bag, and it did not change. It's sitting right at 7.0

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