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......and now i begin to "fix" my 75G

so after joining this forum as a result of a christmas present (6G edge), i no longer look at plants the same way i started out with this 75 to grow out a fire eel and peacock bass - the plan was to eventually switch the bass into a 125 or 180 garage tank.

two things forced a major change: peacock bass out grew the eel and began to terrorize him before i could afford another tank, and my desire to grow a thick "ceiling carpet" as you can see, i traded the bass for a 3" spotted raphael catfish, and i did away with the fake stump for 7 pounds of malaysian drift wood (which i now want to stock full of plecos!)

flora: floating wisteria and hornwort
fauna: 1 fire eel, 1 spotted raphael cat, 1 dalmatian molly, 1 leftover feeder, 20 lamp eye tetra, 20 black skirt tetra
ferts: fish waste
CO2: fish waste
lighting: standard 48" tube

i am now ready to admit my new addiction, lol.


how it started:

6G edge: dwarf hair grass, anubias nana, sag chilensis, 1 otocinclus, 3 blue heteromorpha rasbora, 5 fire red shrimp
75G: wisteria & hornwort, 1 fire eel, 1 raphael cat, 1 rubber mouth, 1 dalmatian molly, 1 ex-feeder, 20 lamp eye, 20 black skirt, lots of ghost shrimp

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