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Just to post: I have proceeded to use AlgaeFix to kill it. I know this may seem like a poor excuse to not keep up husbandry but I have keeping planted tank for almost 2 years now and regular tanks waaay before that so I understand proper husbandry and I can you it's not the cleanliness.

From reading it sounds that after the initial bloom it doesn't really stop unless eradicated. So hopefully this will put it to an end seeing as everything else is growing extremely well and other algae are non-existant.

Forgot to mention; Prior to the new 10,000k bulb, I was running lights for 12 hours a day (but was doing this for 2 weeks by then) and maybe it was just building up for it and when the 10,000k came in, which was going to have more PAR since it was a new bulb and maybe better spectrum it just went over. I do miss 12 hours a day lighting as the plants grew so well and a very nice red but it's not anything to me to risk it over another algae break like this. I am going to try the 10,000k again after the dying algae is completely gone.l

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