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jackyuen89 is correct - we moved Unique Aquaria to Woburn back in Sept.
(actually, we closed Boston at the end of July, moved everything to Woburn over the next 2 months, and then opened in Sept 2012).
we were handing flyers out to all customers for a few months before the move, plus we had signs on the old building for the first few months we were in Woburn.
Unfortunately the landlord or somebody else took the signs down around Thanksgiving
I'm not sure who you talked to when we were in Boston, or why the yellows were still in with the cherry (sometimes they were placed in the wrong tank when the orders arrived but the usually were moved the next day), but If you'd like to come in and talk with me on a weekend at the new store, I think you'll find my 20's were a long time ago
I'm the freshwater mgr now, and I'm trying to make the freshwater dept, well, Unique.
We're focusing on harder to find species - fish you can't find in the big box stores - microrasboras, badis, killies, etc - most of which do best in planted tanks.
Our plant stocking level isn't yet where I want it to be, eventually I want to have a wider variety of plants than we have now, but we've got a decent variety of plants, most of which have been locally cultivated (we take trade ins ! ). Lots of val (corkscrew, contortion, and zebra), crypts, etc in stock right now. Plus what I think is Japanese bacopa (at least, that's what it was brought to us as).
And I promise that our tiger, "sunkist" and cherry shrimp are in three different tanks !

Rich Paulhus
Unique Aquaria
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