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ok the results are in. first i cant say with 100 percent certianty it was 50/50 it was probley 30-40 percent peroxide and as i put the hc and a couple others in a container with this mix there was bubbling from peroxide. i mixed it several times in the hr the plants were in the mix. after the hr i rinsed plants several time making sure all the peroxide was gone kinda smushing the plants alittle and stiring them in the clean tap water (no declorinator). i left them sit in just the tap water in a container over night and all of today. i went to pull a piece of the hc out and graped at the string alge it just fell off i again and again the alge just seem to let go and is red when under water. THE HC IS FINE so are the other 2 plants i tested. not clear not melting. i plan to put back in the tank tonight or tommorow i dont think an hr was needed maybe 30 mins would have bin smarter idk. it does work and it didnt kill or melt the plants
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