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moving onto the light.

I did a ton of research for a light that had great ratings and didnt break the bank. I wanted a T5HO, and about 36" long to fit the tank's length. Coralife is a well known brand but I read that the lights have some bad batches of ballast that go dead about 6 months into their use. Aquaticlife works great but is pricey and kinda bulky.

I found this odyssea dual bulb fixture 39W on amazon that was priced right about $60 bucks. It has a sleek design and great ratings.

These Mr. Aqua 12GL's are not quite 36" but the lights were, so I had to figure out a way to make it work.

Out of the box this is what it looks like. It's sits way too low to the tank, however the legs are removable and you can bend the metal rods as needed. I made a couple of bare handed 90 ish bends in the legs and was able to raise it up to a much better height.

I really do not like the blue bulb. I'm thinking about replacing it with another T5 bulb. It's not as blue in person but on camera it looks twice as bad.

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