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Question KH & GH questions

Hi ~
trying this again, I had 111 views last time but no takers!

I have purchased a KH & GH test kit. Now that I have the results, I need help understanding them. The tank is a 125g, the GH is 6 and the KH is 3 and the pH is 6.8 to 7.0 (the colors are so darned close on the chart). I keep 95% tetras so this is within their range if I understand the kit's instructions correctly. However my snail's shells erode as they mature, and they die. I purchased a cuttlebone but I haven't used it yet. I also have calcium montmorillonite clay coming in soon. Both of these I got because threads about eroded snail shells mentioned they may help.

Does anyone know how cuttlebone or montmorillonite clay effect GH & KH & pH? I've read that I should try to get the GH & the KH as close to equal as possible, but I don't know how to effect one and not the other, plus I don't want to raise the pH.

Any tutoring would be welcomed!

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