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Originally Posted by Maechael View Post
Had a friend buy 10 bucks worth of plants there and he's got a nice covering inside his 60 Gallon. Some water wisteria, Dwarf hairgrass, I believe chainsword and maybe bacopa. He's not doing fertilizer or anything and it's doing alright since he Gave away his crayfish and "lobster".

Yukon, as for losing your quarantine tank, it should be broken down after every thing is out of it. Most people use spare 10G tanks keep them bare bottomed and cycle them with filter cartridges or mulm from used filters.
When you clear the quarantine, throw away the filter material, and sterilize everything equipment wise, and the tank.

Trust me having a quarantine tank is better than having an entire tank die off because the wrong things got in without being checked over.
Yes, I'll definitely agree with your last part.

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