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My First Planted Tank (40B)

I started my tank the week before Christmas, getting back into the hobby after quite a few years. I picked up a 40 breeder and stand from Petco.
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Fluorite with a sand cap
Marineland Penguin 350 biowheel
Marineland HOT Magnum (will mostly use for the water polishing)
Marineland Double Bright LED
Fluval 300w heater

I ordered some driftwood from Dr Fosters and am happy with the pieces.
Anubis Nana's
Java fern
Lace Java fern
Compacti Hygrophila
And a fake java fern on a rock that will be coming out soon

7 Black Skirt Tertras
3 Green Cory Cats
2 Blue Rams
A few ghost shrimp

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I'm on a tight budget so I'll be adding more plants in time. My lace java wasn't looking too well but I'm getting some new leaves now. The others seem to being doing ok. I'm hooked on the hobby and this forum so please feel free to give me any suggestions or advice. Thanks!

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