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Well, it's been quite a while since I updated this and so here it goes. The tank is doing great! It's a few months old now and has gone through some obvious changes. The hygro compakt has really taken off, as has the glosso, and the crypts are shooting off younger plants. I am dosing Seachem Flourish and Trace for now with a DIY auto dose contraption. I have the dry ferts but am waiting to finish off the seachem products.

Filtration wise, there have been some changes. Replumbed the entire wall will union joints to make cleaning a bit easier and added a quick drain port so that I can drain the tank during water changes and not make a mess. I'll throw pictures of that up a bit later.

Began injecting pressurized co2 and was really concerned about the bulbs I have over the tank. They are PAR38 LED 2x18w (5500k) and 1x24watt (6000k). As you can see, they havn't really been a problem. I absolutely love the red I'm getting out of the hygro. Anyway, sorry for the bad grammar and hope you enjoy the pictures/update!

Currently, I have 6 ottos doing the clean up but I considered picking up a few juvenile blue rams (1males and 3 females) and hope they pair off.

Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Still trying to figure out what to do with the middle back ground there.

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