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Sorry for the delay with the picture, work has been busy. My adapter cracked, so while I am waiting for the sealant to dry, I stuck a piece of vinyl hose from the hardware store on there. It's the cheap stuff, like 33 cents a foot. 1/2"OD x 3/8"ID vinyl. You will note that I used the adapter backwards to it fits on the powerhead inlet. Hose sticks right into the other side of the adapter. Hose seems to work just as well, may leave it. Also, made a hole in the lid with my die grinder for the powerhead and heater power cords to exit the refugium. Much cleaner than having them wind out the front and then back up over.

As a side note, the fluval edge prefilter sponges are great. I used one on the intake here and it fits and works real nice. I also use a couple of them in my 55 gal planted(water outlets and inlets are drilled through the bottom of the tank). And they are pretty cheap!

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