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Something interesting that I just witnessed within the past several days. I still had the same problem with new leaves of Kota Tingii, Minima 'Gasser', and Hudoroi was still grow low to the ground as the pictures. I tried increasing my GH and CA dosing but I still had the same result. I noticed something different a several days ago when after a water change. The new leaves perk right up. After noticing that, I did a big water change to reset the tank. I reduced my macro dosing. Now they are growing straight up like normal. I didn't test the NPK levels before all the water changes. Just tested my nitrate at 8ppm and phosphateat 1ppm. I would suspected the levels were much higher. Could it be high nitrate level causing it?

According to a thread over APC discussed high nitrate level will cause the leaves to deform. It also dicussed about boron deficiency but I don't think that is the cause in my tank. As I didn't increase my Boron dosage.

btw, the holes in the new leaves were eaten by bristlenoses.
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