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I had both the blue and red and bred them here, however my experience with them is that they are very slow maturing shrimps (not like the TTs) and they tend to stay at the surface all the time. I found them always hanging in the floating plants rather than on the bottom.

If I fed any food that landed on the bottom they wouldn't bother with it, so I would have to keep using only food that would float around the surface area for them. Weird I know.

I would get both red and blue babies though and they were a very nice color. I sold off mine to another hobbyists.

I purchased them from an LFS in Canada that is owned by a German man who imports all his livestock from Germany and they were labeled as blue tigers, but they were in fact Blue Tuepfel or Aura Blue as they were later called in the US. I knew they weren't Tigers, I thought they were another blue shrimp called Indian Blue. Took me a while to get the info from Germany on them, and by that time I couldn't get any more.
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