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Originally Posted by RoyalFizbin View Post
There is no need for declorinating. Yeast is best proofed between 105-110F about 41-43C. For comparison, the human body is about 37C. I don't do diy anymore but when I did, I would always start it out warm. This worked for both fleischmans yeast from the grocery store aswell as champane yeast.
Agree on the declorinating.

Will argue but not disagree on the water temperature. The 105-110F water temperature (varies depending on the strain of yeast) is a undisputed best practice during the rehydration of dry yeast. It is at these temperatures that the hydrating yeast cell membrane is correctly formed. Above that temp the yeast is poached. Below it and the cell membrane will not unfold correctly and the cell will eventually die.

Let the "simple" formula stand with enough yeast added to compensate for the initial loss of yeast during the hydration process.

Now if we were making wine beer or bread this would be a concern for us as unhealthy yeast will greatly reduce the complex flavors that healthy yeast can produce.

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