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Impatient man's dosing regime

I just made this up

Basically I don't like ordering online even though it's great and all

I've found it can be difficult to find what you need, so I'm wondering if anyone has any clever ideas

Here's how I am currently rolling:

KNO3- Hi -yield stump remover - Hardware store ~ $6 for maybe a year's worth

PO4- Fleet Enema- Buy a bunch and laugh at the people who look at you ~$3 at any grocery store not sure sure but seems like at least 6 months worth

K2O- ? This is what I would like to know, I've found stuff like greensand at nurseries but I don't think that's water soluble. There maybe some hydroponic stuff but I am looking for a common product that is easily "locate-able"

It seems if you go around asking people for "sulfate of potash" they look at you like you're crazy

Some one out there may know of something yes?

If you think you/actually need to dose calcium or magnesium it seems certain brands of ice melter are pure calcium (something or other), I've heard "damp-rid" available at homer for about $8 is good for calcium

Epsom salt is easily attainable for mg

Please correct me if I'm wrong about anything

and please help me avoid paying too much money to seachem
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