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seeding a new tank

SO i have 3 new 10 gallon tanks that I want to seed.

I currently have a 12G and a 5G that have been up for a month and a half ish and are cycled.

I plan on running sponge filters int he 3 10s as they will be used for shrimp for fry tanks. Currently i just added water and air stones (until the sponges arrive). And added a sprinkle of fish food to get a bit of ammonia going.

I put a handful of gravel into one of the 10G tanks.

In the other 2 I was thinking of either using a chunk of the bio rings or a chunk of the sponge from the 12G tank. (which would have less of an effect on the main tank?) Also if i'm using sponge filters can i just pop a few bio-rings randomly around the substrate or should the be in a filter? I could put an empty hob on with just a few rings.. What is the best way to seed a new tank that will be using new sponge (air) filters?

I may also steel a few plants out of the main tank as they will have beneficial bacteria on the surface.
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