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Originally Posted by greenaqua View Post
I just started my first planted tank. 30G fresh water. I have T5 10000K 42W lighting. No CO2.
I have Cobomba caroliniana, hairgrass belem, Helanthium tenellum, Vesuvius and some Fissidians and Flame moss.
If that is T5HO lighting, that is a lot of light to not be dosing and not injecting CO2 (I would reduce the lighting until you get CO2 and fertilization).

Originally Posted by greenaqua View Post
1. If we do a mix of micro and macro every other day.. That's dosing everyday. Is that really necessary? Can plants really use up all the nutrients in a day?
In a high light aquarium, plants can use up nutrients very quickly. The dosing regime you have posted appears to be EI, and the goal of EI is to achieve a stable level of (excess) nutrients so that they are always available to plants.

Originally Posted by greenaqua View Post
2. Also, does it require 50% PWC? Some say 25%, some 50%.. Any points on that?
Classic EI requires 50% water changes in order to keep the levels of nutrients down.

Originally Posted by greenaqua View Post
3. I am planning to use Flourish Excel. Is this good enough for carbon to live without CO2?
In a high light aquarium, CO2 is much better. Excel is more suited for low/medium light aquariums where the carbon requirements of plants are less.

In addition, Excel can become quite costly in the long run.


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