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I've also noticed that some cichlids just have a preference for plants they like to destroy. My rainbow cichlids are fine with rotala colorata and wallichi.....but val species and wisteria.....they like to rip the leafs off to the stem just cause. However, I am trying out wisteria again just cause I have extra laying around, so maybe they stopped carrying about plants now that they have been around all sorts of plants.....or maybe they will rip it again....

another thing, I've noticed with my rainbows as well that they tried destroying windelov fern when they first say it, but gave up after a day and have left it alone ever since.....maybe a strategy to employ to get the festivum used to the plants is to start with cheaper plants that you don't mind getting ripped up a bit, until eventually the fish stops caring and lets you keep whatever plants with it that you want to keep.....

cichlids and plants are possible, but it requires an extra bit of work for sure

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