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Originally Posted by Shangrila View Post
Thats amazing. Do you have fish in the tank?
yes, lucania goodie and lucania parva. the tank is not normal by any means. i have worked to create as much of an ecosystem as i possibly can. to that end, i have a LOT of plants and i have inoculated it with a ridiculously large variety of life. it has at least 12 different species of chydoridae, about 15 different species of ostracods(there may be more) at least five different types of oligochaet worms (mostly dero types) 6 different species of snails, 4 different species of grammarus, two different ectoprocts(which never seem to do so well) god knows how many copepods, and a a mix of microfauna collected from all over the country.

i have tested the tank by not touching it for weeks at a time, and found that not only did the fish survive, they bred. in the meantime, i keep a culture of all kinds of wee beasties that get added to the tank every so often. i dont know if it helps, but it makes sense to me.

i leave the lights on because its the powerhouse that makes the whole tank go round
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