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I feel terrible. I was getting ready to replace the impeller on my Fluval 405 (was making an awful noise), when I saw this (on the intake line to my Eheim 2217):

For the past 7 days or so I have been wondering what happened to 2 of the 3 baby otocinclus that I added... yes, that is one of them in the tube. He actually didn't seem too bothered. Apparently there was enough algae in that tube, plus space for him to turn around, that he quite handily moved about in the tubing.

Then, I noticed that I was missing one of my guppies... so I decided to pull the whole canister out, remove all the filter media and lo and behold, at the bottom of the canister is one of my guppies (his fins are a little shredded, but he is swimming regularly at the moment) and the other Otocinclus too!

The second rescue-cinclus is in pretty poor shape. He is clearly famished and not too active... I don't know if he'll survive or not.

Here he is, looking rather meager:

Finally, as I was sorting through the ceramic-ring media in the lowest compartment of my filter, I saw something else moving... then another thing... then another. There were 4 Molly fry in there too! That makes 14 in the containment unit (10G tank) now... plus, I'm not sure how many were eaten by my angelfish before I started rescuing them.

The cause of all this mayhem? I completely forgot that I cut a couple of the grills off the intake-cover in order to put my CO2 tubing in there. When I turned the CO2 way up to help fight the BBA, it was causing my Eheim 2217 to belch and so I removed the tubing from the intake cover, but never patched up the hole :-/


I posted about this in a separate thread, but I accidentally spilled about 150ml of Flourish Excel into my tank last Sunday during my normal maintenance window. To make it worse, I only had about 30% of the water volume in there when it happened. A bunch of my plants were injured or killed. After several large water changes, things are under control again now, and I'm just waiting for some new growth to pick up and help fill in the damage.

Double Sigh.

School started this week, so my time for working on the tank is going to be limited to mostly a few hours on the weekend.

Triple sigh.

Other things that I've done in the past week or so:
- Planted most of the new plants I got from SFBAAPS. No scape, just stuck them in wherever I saw a bare spot of substrate until they grow up a little.

- Removed 3 big pieces of driftwood in an attempt to open up the tank a little for more plant growth

- Removed and treated (H2O2) some of the larger Anubias that had BBA on them.

- Set up the 10G fry containment unit and transferred some plants/wood/filter material/etc., there. I'll resurrect the tank journal for that tank this weekend.

- Cleaned my canister filters and and fixed the impeller on the 405

- Built and tested a CO2 reactor. It failed (leaks). I have an idea for a very simple in-tank reactor that I want to try before I try fixing the one I built.

Mostly heartache this week :-/

I think that catches me up to today.

Today, I did a bunch of filter maintenance. After reading a thread about running a tank without a filter, I started day-dreaming about noise-reduction, and so I shut down the Fluval 403 (1 of 3 canisters I had running...) and removed it entirely.

I also removed about 2/3 of the media in the other two canisters (2217 and 405) leaving one tray of ceramic rings and then the large sponges for mechanical filtration in the 2217 and only sponges in the 405.

I should be receiving some Koralia nano 425 powerheads early next week, and once I receive those I might even shut down the Fluval 405 too, leaving me with only the Eheim 2217.

I was supposed to receive my new lights (2x 48" Finnex Ray 2 DS) today, but they haven't shown up yet and my tracking # doesn't show any change in status.
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