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Rant: My damned API test kit. It must have gone bad. Granted, i bought it over a year ago, But still. I just tested the tank i redid the substrate on, and its registering 8 PPM!!! At that level, My fish should be belly up, and my frogs would have ammonia burns. At .25PPM, fish start racing the glass like thier on fire...Good thing its pay day, time to buy a kit on Amazon. The bottles are practically empty anyways.
I dont know whether i should do a water change or not! Maybe i should just do one? The test tube is practically black! Well, maybe not, but its a really dark dark turquoise..Its a slight bit darker than the 8.0 on the color guide.

Rave: BushKills rave. =] This forum is amazing. The people here are from all over the world, and they all help each other. RAOK's are a rarity in the actual world right now, and I feel like the fact there are so many on this forum, it makes me feed proud to be apart of it all.
Donating is one thing, but you cant see the person your helping, or talk to them, reven if your actually helping anyone, or lining someones pockets.
Doing RAOKs and helping people out on the forum is personal, and you get to knnow people, and make friends. Its a really good feeling. =]

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