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I have used Algaefix too, and although it will nuke hair and GSA, it won't touch BBA. I have also used the 1:19 ratio bleach method and it works, but it's awfully hard on the plants. Then we move to full strength H2O2 sprayed onto the plants and allowed to sit (in your hand not the tank!) for 30 or so seconds, then into a bucket of water with a small amount of baking soda to neutralize.

None were better than the others as far as damage to the plant. The sags melted (but came back), the other stems wilted (but came back)....

I do think that maybe the H2O2 was a tiny bit less damaging than the bleach dip. My guess it that's because the plants stayed submersed in the bleach longer than they did when I spritzed them with the H2O2.

I have a lb of potassium permanganate that I haven't used on algae yet (haven't needed to - knock on wood!) but the dip does essentially the same thing as these other two methods. Oxidizes the algae. Burns it, basically. Your job is to burn the algae before the plant. Your mileage will vary per plant and method. Good luck!
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