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When I cycle a tank, I conceded that the fish cycling the tank is going to have a rough time. It just is. If the well being of you fish is of paramount importance, which is a good thing, wait it out, go low and slow, and plan on not adding any new fish/invert additions for at least another 4-6 weeks. In the process, see if you can get some good seed from another "HEALTHY" tank. Dirty gravel is good. That is more of Wendyjo's method, but it will have the least risk to your fish.

I've never lost a single saltwater fish during cycling and only a couple fresh water over the years. But I choose really, REALLY HARDY fish for cycling, sometimes removing them when it's all over to put more desirable species in. I cycled 9 saltwater tanks with a single three striped damsel I called Jorge. Dude was awesome.

Get that guy a cap and a speedo!
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