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I'm thinking about getting a few fish of some sort. I've got a seed shrimp infestation, and was thinking maybe something that might graze on those critters, but hopefully not take down too many pumpkin babies.

Would Endler's be too aggressive with my shrimp? I've been reading a bit about Least Killifish, but I'd not have a local source of those at a LFS, as I've never seen them. Plus, I'm not sure if they'd eat the seed shrimp or not. I also saw some CPD's at the LFS today as well as some Scarlet Badis and some kind of small rasbora that I forgot the name of.

From what I've read, the seed shrimp don't hurt anything, they're just a bit unsightly. I don't really feed very much at all, so I'm not why I've got an outbreak. I assume they came in on some of the plants or something.
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