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The tank is finally ready for some more live stock! I have had a betta and oto in there for about 2.5 weeks and all of the levels look good and stable. So I just put in 3 Cardinal Tetras and 1 Assassin Snail (didn't clean one of the driftwood pieces well enough and have a small infestation of snails).

After doing a lot of research I'm going with the following, but do have a question about my "centerpiece fish". See below.

School #1:
11 total
Cardinal Tetras

School #2:
11 total
Rummy Nose Tetras
(I'm also very much into cars, so I especially dig them because their tails look like checkered flags)

School #3:
5 total
Silver Hatchetfish

Centerpiece fish:
3-5 total
Undecided, but considering:
-Praecox Rainbow - http://www.liveaquar...059&pcatid=1059
-Boesemani Rainbow - http://www.liveaquar...053&pcatid=1053
-Really wanted some kind of discus, but don't think they would do well since they prefer a tank without many other fish and it needs to be very acidic (low PH)

Any other suggestions for my centerpiece fish??
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