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The Simple DIY CO2 Method

Allow me share with you my favorite formula for Home Grown Yeast.

I have seen a threads with people struggling to produce DIY CO2. The problem lies not with the ingredients, or the measurement of each ingredient, but with the deployment of the ingredients.

First off lets not refer to this as "making CO2", but rather growing a yeast culture. It just so happens that a healthy yeast culture will produce Carbon Dioxide as a bi-product of breaking down sugars into alcohol. Or in our case the alcohol IS the bi-product.

Water: After you have thoroughly cleaned the bottle you will be using, fill it 3/4 full with room temperature de-chlorinated tap water. (edit: Strike the de-chlorinated. Agreed it is not necessary)

Sugar: Add 1/2 cup of granulated sugar for every quart of water in the container. I believe this is the same ratio as making Koolaid. Whatever. Now shake the ingredients until all the sugar is dissolved. If need be you can stir the mixture in a larger container before pouring into your bottle. Do not add the yeast until all the sugar is dissolved.

Yeast: Gently add the Fleischmann's rapid rise yeast (1 teaspoon per quart) by sprinkling it on the surface of the water. Allow time for the yeast to hydrate on the surface and then sink on its own into the sugar water. After about 15 minutes you can gently mix the remaining yeast into the water by tilting the bottle back and forth a couple of times like your tilting a "lava lamp". Be gentle these are living creature we are working with.

Your culture should be producing bubbles in the bottle within a few minutes and producing enough pressure to release bubbles into your tank with an few hours.

If you would like an explanation as to why this method works just ask. I would love to tell the stories behind each item.

Possible questions...

Why this bread yeast and not Champagne yeast?
Why am I cleaning the bottle?
Why room temperature water?
Why is this guy so full of himself?
Why am I still reading this?

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