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I finally got the powerhead with the adapter from the same seller. It's the exact same thing as the one I was looking at from a different source but I chose the same seller because they had the adapter for the little powerhead to fit the tube. The strainer that came with it was too big to prevent baby shrimp from getting sucked up, so I put in some sponge and made a mesh barrier to prevent the sponge from getting sucked into the impeller.

The seller also sent a replacement air pump.

Pics -

I also put on the lid and balanced the light on top of it without mounting. This way, the intake tube is more secure and won't pop out with the powerhead on it plus shrimp can't escape.

Algae is already growing... hmm... Time to call in a Nerite...

I'm thinking about putting in a divider because the plants are just getting blown around and all mixed up. This way, the filter floss that I'd put in one section could also act as a sort of filter and more colonizing space for bacteria. But I don't like the fact that it would take away space from the Painted Fire Reds I'm planning on breeding in this...
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