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Thanks! I was looking for ppm measures for each of them. My gH drip test is useless as it doesn't change colour immediately it sort of fades from a red tinge to a greenish one. My yesterday's measurement I estimate something around 6 -7 dgH

As I said, I'm adding Ca by means of a mineral stone that slowly dissolves. Mg might be missing or not enough.

The melting does not concerns me much, it's only Helferi going south, this week. Ammannia lost its top. Just one out of two stems. Which is weird. Now it bounced back and it's full of shoots. That's the reason why I want to know if anyone is looking at Ca and Mg readings or has some experience tweaking their values. Apart from these two I didn't changed anything to my dosing regime. These two are the main suspects for the weirdness I see in my tank

Much appreciated for your answer!
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