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Been there, done that, doing it now

Got about 6 females and 2 males in different areas...mostly in breeder boxes (1 each) 2 females are in my planted tank, 1 in my tiger tank, and both males have their own boxes.

Too small yet to breed, tried it the other day (male/female had just molted) they ignored one another I think the male wasn't mature enough, so they are just happily living in their own houses right now till they grow up a bit.

I raised 2 successful batches of babies. I put the mamma in a breeders box/or 2.5 gallon tank till she dropped them, then took her out right away as females will eat their young if they can find them.

I put enough moss/cholla wood in the tank that the babies could barely move around or it took them ages to get anywhere (this way they didn't see one another as everyone picked a spot) I had 15 babies in this tank and kept them all there until they were about 1/2 in size, then separated them to other tanks to help them grow more before I sold them.

I fed them earthworm powder/bioplus or golden pearls(decap brine shrimp) then as they grew I squished up pond snails for them to eat the meat (helps them grow as its protein) then later on crayfish food/algae wafers.

Changed the water 2 times a week to make sure it was kept clean, and syphoned up any dirt/leftover food on the bottom.

Be careful when you introduce the male to the female because females often are bigger and will kill a male. I always watch them together when I first put them in, if nothing happens in an hour or two I take the male back out.

Most LFS sell females more than males, so the males are the ones you want to keep alive, you can always get females....especially on aquabid.
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