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before u go the antibiotic route.. turning of filters and dosing peroxide is a lot safer, and will help preserve ur bacterium that ur realyl needing to grow
Thank you for all the advice. I did try peroxide - all it did was kill my HC!

I know I need more plants. But local selection is TERRIBLE and I honestly can't afford to buy plants online, at least this time of year (it's REALLY cold here). The Canadian SnS is pathetic and I can't buy plants from the USA. Shame really. I had to stalk one store for almost 6 months trying to get HC ... I finally got it (all 2 pots of it lol) and I haven't seen it anywhere since! I was really hoping this rotala would take off, but it doesn't want to grow. It grew just fine in my betta's spec, that's the strange thing.

As far as ferts go... I am only doing EI low light weekly. It is fairly modest amounts IMO. I don't know if it's still too much with how few plants I have.
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