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Originally Posted by edicied View Post
Erio sp. Thailand

Originally Posted by Hoppy View Post
The amount of light (PAR) that will produce good growth will very likely be less than needed for the best color with reddish plants. But, the potential for algae to become a major problem is much greater with higher light than with lower light. Only you can decide whether you are willing to adhere to the strict maintenance program, and CO2 fine tuning, needed for the higher light. People do it and enjoy it. Others try it and want to go back to fish only tanks due to the algae woes they run into.
So far I'd say my algae woes haven't been horrible. I got some dwarf sag. that I thought was growing too tall due to low light so I got a second set of lights. Afterwards I noticed an increase in algae so I started doing more research(I know, I should have done more research first). That's when I came across the whole par thing and that WPG doesn't apply as well outside of T8's.

So I set up CO2 and researched ferts and decided PPS Pro fit my style. I still notice algae though mostly on upper leaves of wisteria and sword leaves that are closer to the light.

It's just started to dawn on me that I may have way too much light so I decided to see what the experts here thought. From what I've gathered my light isn't extremely high but will still require the work that goes in to fine tuning the system.

Thank you all.
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