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We can be patient for pictures Homework is pretty important anyway...just a little bit.

You'll appreciate the early college credit when you get to the undergraduate level. It'll save you time and lots of $. Most schools require some amount of general education classes. Mine's not as bad as St. Bonnies sounds like it used to be but it's still fairly intensive.

There's 6 categories, Literature, Social Science, Natural Science (x2), History, Art, and something else and you need 4 credits in each (and 8 from two of the three fields in natural science). Also, the second semester of a foreign language and a class with a global perspectives marking (a class is labeled with this if it meets certain criteria) are required.

The philosophy behind it is to provide a well rounded education but sometimes it just seems like checking boxes off a list.

You'll be able to figure it out for yourself soon enough.

Also, if you all get a chance I'd love to have your input on a couple photos I took. I'm going to enter into a photo competition and would like help finalizing an entry. Here's the link to the thread/poll
Help Me Pick a Photo!
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