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Please Help !!!

Hi, You guys have great forum here and any help would be greatly appreciated. Iím a noobie to planted aquariums. I started my first low tech tank last weekend using as a guide. I planted it with low light plants ( see list ) and dose it with 1/4 teaspoon seachem equilibrium, 1/8 teaspoon KNO3, 1/32 teaspoon KH2PO4. Everything looked great a few plants were stressed from the shipping but I started to see growth from the pygmy chain sword, hornwort, cabomba. The bacopa, rotala,cryptocoryne, are not doing well. It seems like they are melting. I made sure i did not planted them to deep. I am running my lights for 6 hours a day ( was thinking of increasing that to 7 hours to see if that would help). Do I need to cut all the melting plants back and do a 50-60 % water change? Or just let it continue. My water is starting to look junky with a lot of bubbles at the top. Will that start a algae bloom. I posted my spec. below and some pictures. The holes in the anubias i think is from some of the dry fertilizers getting on them when i dosed the tank with the filter on. I will try dosing with the filter off or pour it in a corner next time.


20 gal Tank kit
marineland double bright led lighting 18-24inch
eheim 2213 filter
eco complete substrate

Plants: Cabomba, pygmy chain sword, cryptocoryne (red,bronze), Lutea, spiralis, Anubias nana and gold, Java Fern, Java Moss, Hornwort, Rotala Indica, Wisteria, Bacopa Caroliniana,

PH-7.4-7.6, Ammonia -0, Nitrite-0, Nitrate-5
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