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Storing fish food

I have a variety of food for my betta and for my community tank fish. I have read it should be tossed after 6 months. I don't have many fish, I'm sure I will not use 1/4 of the food by then.

I was thinking of putting a teaspoon of each into one of the daily pill minder containers, as they have 7 compartments that snap shut.

I am considering putting the rest of the food, in the original containers, down in a quart Mason jar which has a tight fitting lid, and keeping it in the freezer. I would refill the pillbox as needed.

Our dry cat food and dog food have few, if any, preservatives, and our vet told us to store it in the freezer. I get a weeks with out at a time to use. I keep flour, spices, and other dry goods in the freezer.

I'm thinking it would stay fresh indefinitely in the freezer.

Has anyone else stored dry fish food this way?

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