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Originally Posted by Jacaranda View Post
How are the O. Cocama and Hypoptoma sp. orange faring? If they make it through QT okay I'm considering placing an order. Approximately how much for shipping do your orders to the Los Angeles area run? (probably nothing to sneeze at given the distance, but your per-fish prices are better than other options I've seen)
They are doing ok, I don't have many of either as their trip was a rough one. Once in my posession, I have not lost any past the first day, but about 2/3 were lost in transit from Peru to Lima, and from Lima to NYC. I am *supposed* to be having replacements sent, but we all know how long it took me to get these, so I am not holding my breath.

As for shipping, I would cost it would be $25-35 for overnight to your area, or, if the weather is mild (which it is NOT here right now, single digits), 2nd day is available for less than $20. Second day is only a viable option when weather is good on both sides though, and we are having a crazy cold snap.
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