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Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post
Glad to see ya got water in the 40B!

Don't worry about the mistakes! Everyone makes them, but be glad you were there to keep the flooding to a minimum!!! A little water will flood a LONG WAY!!!! Don't Ask!!! Really clean out the pump!!! Sand or small rock in the impeller chamber can cut into the plastic and cause serious problems!!! Also I usually get some sponge, filter floss, or something soft to put under the main pump to keep the vibration noise from transferring to the cabinet! This will quiet things down allot!

Also the sumps I used to run had a hole drilled pretty close to the bottom of the stack of Bio-Balls on the "pump side" of sump. Then a piece of rigid air tubing was stuck into the bio-ball chamber as close as ya can to the middle of the balls. Then hook up a air pump, it doesn't have to be a big one, to the rigid airline! That's it! It made a very noticeable difference in the speed the bacteria grew to cycle the tank vs. without the extra air!

Anyhoo looking forward to seeing it progress!!!
Thanks Drew, those are some great tips!
The one thing I'm really kicking myself over is the hard plumbing for the return. It makes getting the pump out of there a huge PITA.
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