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Okay now the images work, much better!

Now I'm afraid of the Kessil like someone else mentioned. I have my Kessil on a 25 gallon about 8 inches above the tank... that's moving it closer than when it was 12 inches above. If you're an inch away, man you're going to get crazy growth assuming you have the direct cO2 to support it (and the necessary fast growing plants). If you don't have those I'm afraid you may run into SERIOUS algae problems. I hope you don't, but if you see any signs of it I'd move the light higher above the tank. I mean, even the directions say a foot above the tank so I'd start there then move it closer as you see it (not the other way around).

I have seen it done before though at my LFS. They of course have direct cO2 and the Kessil is on a 25g 18x18x18 cube tank. They have the light a few inches above the tank but it's very close, and there's just crazy growth. The ground plants are so thick there's absolutely no gaps and you couldn't even get a chop stick in there heh. So it can be done.
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