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Thanks for the info on the LFS!!!

I would thing you probably won't have a problem with the angel's and shrimp till the Angels start getting big! Then the Angels will more then likely eat the shrimp!!! When I had Angels in my 55g and added Ghost shrimp as well as a few Bamboo shrimp the Angels went straight after them!!! The angels were about half dollar body size, and made quick meals of the Ghosts then picked on the Bamboo shrimp till they got them flipped over and proceeded to eat them! BUT if the Angels are small when the shrimp are added you might have a better outcome! I salt water terms, my Angels went after the Ghost shrimp like a Undulated Trigger will go after a Camel Shrimp!!! LOL

Anyhoo I can't wait to see how the tank progresses!!!
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