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Your 2217 only pumps 264 gallons an hour. Even though it is rated for tanks in the 150 gallon range. In my opinion you are underpowered for a planted tank. Check your spectrum. It needs to be at exactly at 6500-6700k spectrum or you will be asking for trouble. Make sure the tank is not too bright as well.
If your potting soil has fertilizer you are in big trouble. It will leach nitrates for a long time to come as well as PO4. If it does not contain fertilzers of any kind than you need to make sure that the nitrates stay above 10ppm & PO4 above .5ppm. Ideally 10 -15 ppms of nitrate.
Back to filtraion: you could add a nano power head for better flow or add a smaller canister to bolster your current filtraion, & get the CO2 back online to push the CO2 to at least 16- 35ml / L of CO2 pending on what your Kh is.
That is a big tank. I would add a second canister. Keep output 3 to 4 inches below the surface, but do not stop some surface agitation from forming.
Also you could run activated carbon for a short time say a week or 2 to pull down DOC's. The ( PEREGRINE ) is a bad idea because you do not want to take nitrates away from the plants. If your substrate has fertilizer in it , you are done!!!!!!!!! Its that simple! Re set up!!!!! with no fertilizer in the soil!
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