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Check your bulb spectrum. If its not even close to 6500k, you will be making an algae farm no matter what you do.
I have 2 X15 watt T8's over my 10 & it is totally thriving. The water is crystal clear with NO ALGAE on plants or glass. I run 1 bubble every 2 to 3 seconds with a high end diffuser. I run 2X 6500k bulbs . Algae will out perform your plants without correct lighting spectrum , CO2, dry ferts , all need to be balanced as well as good filter flow with some surface agitation. Some surface agitation does not mean hang on the back filter. Small ripples that allow some gas exchange.
Your nitrates need to stay above 10ppms & PO4 should not crash either. PO4 should hold between (.5 - 2ppms). Added K & Fe as well as trace with boron.
If you have high nitrates out of tap you could use or cut in R/O water to reduce in comming nitrates but nitrates should stay above 10ppms at least if not 15 or more ppms.
40 to 50% water change at the end of the week for a tank reset.
Final word. Your lights are probably the wrong spectrum & too strong , your CO2 dose is off or poor diffusion. You need to stay on track with NO2, PO4 & dose EI every week. If ph dose not drop into the acid range your not getting enough CO2 into the water. Keep nutrients up drop lighting a little & check the spectrum, dose EI. my 2 cents
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