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Originally Posted by Bettatail View Post
before I ordered the levasole, I used pure fenbendazole 50-100 times more than the recommend dose for two weeks, both in fish food and water column, only suppressed the worm (or possibly wipe out the eggs) , but didn't kill the adult worm.
This demonstrates another problem with Fenbendazole I forgot to mention. It's so poorly water soluble that it makes an ineffective water column treatment. Unless premixed with a strong solvent like acetone, and there have been some successful treatments using that method; but often with fish deaths due to the acetone!

Originally Posted by msawdey View Post
Oh NOO???? Really???? Scratch the above post... I am ordering now
Excellent. This really is the best way, hands-down. I don't know what Charles' creds are, but he sure knows his callamanus worms. Took three months research and other failed treatment attempts before I finally followed his advice, and it did the trick. Though I wouldn't regret the previous order from Angels Plus, it may come in handy for something else. I have about a dozen of their products, and love and recommend them, but just not for callamanus.
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