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Microfish ideas for a HUGE shrimp tank

I want to try to find a very shrimp friendly small fish for when i start my 80g shrimp tank (yes you read that right). I plan on carpeting the foreground with HC and the back half of tank is a custom built 3D background that i think will be striking vs shrimp. I plan on a variety of shrimp ranging from Fire Red cherry, to maybe some black king kongs, and even some larger amano to change up the scale a little.

Right now ive been looking at Scarlet Gem Badis as i love the colors, but am unsure even with their small size, that they will be good to have in a shrimp tank. Any one have any experience with these fish? My other alternative is to move some of my Endlers that breed like crazy in my 30g into the 80 and let them continue to breed like rabbits.

I am more looking for the fish more to keep some movement higher in the water column and the "fertilizer" means of their feces, etc. I am goin to use eco complete with a thin black sand cap (mainly to just assist in the HC planting until they root down). pressurized CO2, with light provided by 6-8 20w 6500K Landscape LED lights i found on amazon for 23$ each that provide great coverage. Once i get the tank moved into the living room ill post a thread up showing the build, or check my youtube as i plan on vid logging it also.

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