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WEll I found a company that offers a discount but only to certain places.

Careington 500 is not an insurance plan. Its a discount plan. I can save an additionall hundred bucks over the school discount. So its not bad.

But I called again and she said that she can do a payment plan but I cant have the school discount in place. But she did say that I can do the cleaning and the build up, and then do the crown later...that really helps !

I looked up delta dental and it seems it will work out. However it wont be active till over a month from now. So she said, for now fix the infection and pay 718 with the current discount insurance company. THen in 2 months, come back with your delta dental and I will only have to pay around 160$ instead of 789$.

So this is what I may do. The fee is 90 bucks for careigton 500 a year. I have to pay the fee of 718$ up front but that I can definitly do. Then in 2 months when the delta goes through, ill be set. She needs LOTS of dental work. Perhaps the cap will be done at my old dentist that accepts delta dental.

Now I got to decide if I want to put it on my credit card, open another credit card to up my credit, or just pay cash.
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