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Photos of tank so far:

I set the tank up last week. Right now, this is what it looks like:

Closer shot:

Zoomed in shot of Rotala R, unknown Rotala, Star Grass and Anubias

Java Fern and such close up:

I have not yet aquascaped my setup and am allowing my plants to adapt to my aquarium as they were shipped in the cold without heat packs (lol Iowa winters). Other than bruising because of shipping and the cold on older leaves, they were in pretty good shape when they came in. The plants seem to be adapting, as they are growing new leaves and taller, but the root systems of the stemmed plant trimmings have yet to develop.

I plan on aquascaping my aquarium tomorrow. Here is the Manzanita Driftwood I've DIY'd up. The premise of the aquascape is an wooden archway dividing a well groomed dutch garden-like section and a wilder jungle-like section. In the dutch garden section, I plan on placing trimming the rotala unknown, Rotala R, and stargrass so they look like hedges. Dwarf hairgrass will carpet the entire tank. On the jungle side, the driftwood will be completely covered in java moss, and anubias will be planted at the places where the driftwood branches. The archways will be accented with java fern (front archway) and needle leaf java fern (back archway). I also plan on doing a slight slope (1-2 inches) to increase the depth of my tank.

The driftwood pictures:

Zip ties are in place to clamp the driftwood together as the gorilla glue dries. I also plan on putting screws through the archway to hold the two large pieces of driftwood together. The branch on the left side will be sanded down to make a seamless transition between it and the large driftwood piece.

Top shot (oh look, toes!)

Finally, misc cabinet photos:

Aquascaping tools (Bought from Nilcog and amazon)

Wire mess w/ Canister filter and Co2 cylinder/regulator:
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