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How you cycle (on a long enough timeline) doesn't matter. The result is the same. Wendyjo's method will give you a passable bio-filter right way, but it will still have to mature over time. My method will give you a super powered bio-filter in about a month, but it's a rough ride getting there. Both methods will result the the same bio-filter after a 3-6 months. It only takes a drop of water or a single piece of gravel to seed a new tank for cycling. If you add more, it's going to prevent population "explosion", or you may never notice "explosion" because all of your ugly is being used so it never accumulates. Remember though, this method never allows the ammonia and nitrites to get super high, so the growth from medium effectiveness to full-on will be slower.

Minimal seeding = high levels of ammonia that will crash all at once, spiking high levels of nitrite, which will again crash all at once (about 30 days later). Full tilt when done.

Lots of seeding = instant bio filter which may (or may not) be sufficient to handle your bio load. The increase in bacteria population beyond what you introduced will take time, because it never has that glut of nutrients to feed it's population "explosion". Low and slow, but it may be enough that you never notice it lacking.

3-6 months, both results are identical.

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